About Us

NRILIFE Productions

NRILIFE productions is the home for NRI's who have passion in pursuing acting and is a gateway to connect NRI's with Bollywood, Hollywood & Indian TV industry.  

Gunjan Kuthiala- Founder & CEO- NRILIFE Productions, Partner & Board Member - Jobgini & Talent Aquisition SME!

Gunjan started her career as a news anchor in India & moved to USA in 2004. She couldn’t pursue her camera/media/acting aspirations with limited options for NRIs & hence, created a platform for NRIs to pursue their aspirations in their country/geography.


She is also, Chief Advisor & Board of Director- Miss/Mrs. Haryana. She is an active theatre artist for Boston theatre group - SETU. 

She wants to create a story that can touch, move & inspire which her generations to come can admire.